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Helping You to Hear Better

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates can assess, diagnose, and treat hearing loss based on site of lesion tests and the measures of speech recognition and intelligibility. Our talented ancillary medical professionals provide the type of comprehensive testing, therapies, and treatments you’d expect from one of the best centers in the industry – all in an effort to improve our patient communication. These treatments include:


Tinnitus, or ringing and buzzing in the ears, is caused by damage to the inner ear. It is associated with ear infections, exposure to loud sounds, and some medications.We provide a variety of treatment options including the Oasis device and treatment, maskers such as the Neuromonics Haven and Sanctuary devices, and hearing aids with advanced tinnitus and speech-in-noise technologies. Our goal is to desensitize and defocus, provide relief, and improve coping skills.

Hearing Evaluations:

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates performs video otoscopy to check the status of the ear canal and the tympanic membrane. We then obtain thresholds for pure tones and speech, and measures of intelligibility and clarity at various conversational levels. We make sure to also check middle ear function with tympanometry and acoustic reflexes and administer site of lesion tests such as otoacoustic emissions and acoustic reflex decay.

Central Auditory Processing (CAP) Evaluations:

We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of each patient’s listening skills, which can include dichotic listening, binaural integration, temporal processing, and degraded speech. Our staff establishes a profile of listening strengths and weaknesses and makes specific recommendations for remediation.

Serial Tympanometry:

We ensure children and adults with active middle ear pathologies are monitored to their resolution, and we work closely with Primary Care Physicians (PCP's) and Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Staff.

Ototoxicity Monitoring:

Our talented medical experts at Speech-Language & Hearing Associates provide serial basic and high-frequency audiometry and otoacoustic emission measurements for patients taking ototoxic medications. This helps to detect and manage changes in hearing sensitivity. We work closely with Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) and Oncologists as well to ensure the most streamlined care.

Hearing Aid Fittings:

All of our fittings are followed by a 30 day trial.One of the best things about working with us is our professionalism, We are here to guide you, build trust, and help you make the right purchase when you’re ready. We’ll help you decide on the features you need, level of technology, and style of fitting most comfortable with your lifestyle. We offer an extensive line of hearing aid products, including hearing aids from Starkey®, Oticon®, Widex®, Phonak® and Sonic Innovations® and we have many satisfied customers.

Hearing Aid Maintenance:

After your purchase, we provide both routine maintenance (ear mold cleaning, hearing aid reprogramming) as well as and hearing aid repairs. We are here to help you hear better, answer your questions, and adjust to your hearing aid(s).

For more information about Speech-Language & Hearing Associates, or to get started on the road to better hearing, please contact our office at 508-359-4532 or 508-695-6848.