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Occupational therapy is one of the most effective ways to help people achieve essential life skills for school, play, and life. We specialize in pediatric occupational therapy treatments, focusing on perceptual, sensory, and fine-motor-skills. Through regular treatment, our team is able to stimulate, enhance, and improve handwriting, oral-motor skills, listening, sensory integration, visual-perceptual skills, and self-care skills from a young age to prevent academic issues in the future.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy

We treat children from pre-school through adolescence, and we offer a comprehensive evaluation designed to test for learning, cognitive, motor functionality, sensory processing, handwriting skills, and visual-perceptual skills.

Our evaluations allow us to determine what is developmentally appropriate, and we speak to parents about their child’s unique needs.

Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston PC
Speech-Language & Hearing Associates of Greater Boston PC

Occupational Therapy Treatment Plans

Once the evaluation is complete, if treatment is indicated, our staff will meet with you to discuss moving forward with treatment and defining goals. Sessions are designed to be fun and offer a variety of activities that can be incorporated into the home environment, as well. At Speech-Language and Hearing Associates we believe that your family and our therapists are a team. Our experts will provide you with the help you need to further stimulate the growth and development of your child.

At Speech-Language and Hearing Associates of Greater Boston, PC, we custom fit our treatments to your exact needs and budget. For more information or to get started on the road to improving these skills, please contact our office at
508-359-4532 or 508-695-6848.